I haven’t blogged for a while, which doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Woodwork projects have slowed down because a family member is restoring a furniture item that is taking up a lot of space in the workshop.
I have confined myself to sharpening tools and even built a mallet out of redgum the other day.
This weekend I helped my daughter restore an old door, it’s made of cedar and is quite nice, but has been cut down significantly, especially on the bottom. I don’t have any cedar to extend it with but I do have some old oregon which looks similar when stained up. So I have had to reduce the thickness of the oregon down to around 35mm from 50mm which has taken a lot of planing. Oregon is quite hard when it is seasoned! Will attach that to the bottom with glue and some biscuits.

I have also started working on a knock box for my coffee machine. I used some pine from the sides of an old drawer. I just cut 45 degree angles on each side and glued it together. Pictures to follow