Covid lockdown maintenance

With Covid lockdowns in Melbourne keeping us home we have been performing maintenance on the property. This weekend the weather was very cold and threatening to rain so we: Cut down a big old dead wattle tree that was dropping branches on the path where we walk Replaced the window winders on three windows that […]

Ammo box bluetooth speaker

This project has been a long time coming. I started collecting the components for this in June 2019. Basically it’s an Australian 50 cal ammo box with speakers from some old panasonic surround sound speakers I have had in the shed for 5 years. It’s powered by a bluetooth amp module which is really loud. […]


We have been building this mud brick studio for over a year now. This weekends project was framing up some double glazed stain glass window panels and installing them. We used F17 hardwood for the frames and screwed them together with galvanised screws and then screwed them to the building framing with baton screws. Flashing […]

Pickled cucumbers

With the fabulous growing weather we are having here in Victoria – lots of rain and sunshine, there is an abundance of cucumbers. A few years ago I pickled some and they were very tasty so I decided to make some again. I couldn’t find the recipe I used last time so I used this […]

Red dust pool

The drought across eastern Australia has caused a dust storm in the west of Victoria which somehow got caught up in the rain. Everyone’s swimming pool and water tank has been filled with this red-brown dust. Our pool went swamp like overnight, so I have been running the pump constantly with a good dose of […]

Fire pump trolley

With the bushfire season upon us, I needed a trolley to move the fire pump around on. It’s a heavy beast and along with the fire hose and inlet hose pretty awkward. The idea is that you wheel the pump near the swimming pool, throw the inlet into the pool and pump water from the […]