Make old window look new

Some smart person (sarcastic) painted all of the cedar windows in the house white. Fortunately it was not a good paint job. We wanted one to be clear timber so we attacked it with a scraper, paint stripper and sandpaper. It took ages, because we go disillusioned with it a it sat there for ages. Finally it was time to finish it off. More paint stripper. Course sandpaper and a belt sander and palm sander. A wire brush on one of the timber posts next to the window with paint stripper. Eventually we said enough – it was good enough to put some finish on. Cabots water based poly was used. The window now look great. Sure there is a bit of white paint here and there, but overall everyone is happy. Now just need to clean the glass… and do the rest of the windows in the house!

Canvas bag

I was travelling overseas and I had this idea of a messenger bag to carry around my water-bottle, snacks, scarf and gloves etc. Previously I had carried a backpack on such trips, however i had been made to put it in locker rooms and it got in the way on trains. The messenger bag would look less touristy. I had some black waterproof canvas that I had bought for this kind of project and some webbing. I found a pattern on a Youtube video, so changed the measurements to suit me and sewed it up in an afternoon on an old Singer 201 with some nylon bonded thread. It turned out really well. The fastener on the front flap is not quite in the middle, however it is all black so hard to notice. I carried it around Japan for 2 weeks and it was perfect. Folded it up and stuck it in my main luggage to come home.


I haven’t blogged for a while, which doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Woodwork projects have slowed down because a family member is restoring a furniture item that is taking up a lot of space in the workshop.
I have confined myself to sharpening tools and even built a mallet out of redgum the other day.
This weekend I helped my daughter restore an old door, it’s made of cedar and is quite nice, but has been cut down significantly, especially on the bottom. I don’t have any cedar to extend it with but I do have some old oregon which looks similar when stained up. So I have had to reduce the thickness of the oregon down to around 35mm from 50mm which has taken a lot of planing. Oregon is quite hard when it is seasoned! Will attach that to the bottom with glue and some biscuits.

I have also started working on a knock box for my coffee machine. I used some pine from the sides of an old drawer. I just cut 45 degree angles on each side and glued it together. Pictures to follow

Duckie Project

TheseĀ are Duckchasers or Duckies, a canvas and timber folding kayak designed by Don Nicholson based on a US design from the 60s. Don changed the design to suit Australian materials and sizes. Mine still needs to be painted etc. One was made in 2014 and the other 2015 duckie2